Sailing Personal Checks

Getting ready to replace standing rigging? Re-rigging is not the easiest job on the boat, but having a new, secure standing rigging holding up the mast will give you a great feeling.
Here is how you do it.

Get the clevis pin dimensions of the top and bottom of each wire, the wire diameter, and a rough pin-to-pin length and pass these measurements and photos of the top and bottom of each wire on to a rigger who will specify whats needed for you re-rig.

In replacing standing rigging wire that a hybrid approach get the top ends of all wire swaged and then apply mechanical fittings on site.

Take a length of Dacron double braid with an eye splice on one end and lash it securely around the spar at the point you are supporting, and then use the eye splice to shackle on a length of Spectra that will reach the deck. Tie a bowline at the end of the Spectra about three feet above deck, and finally tie a piece of double braid to the Spectra to lash it to the deck.

Before you remove a wire, make sure a turnbuckle is about 50% to 60% engaged to ensure a good range of adjustment.

With the old wire on the ground, cut the new wire to lent making sure you deduct a little bit for the stretch and install the Sta-Lok.

Finally hang the wire.

Be reminded of joy the sailing with these Sailing Personal Checks.