Billiards Personal Checks

Billiards has a long and rich history. It evolved from a lawn game similar to croquet played in the 1340s probably in France. It became an indoor game when King Louis XI of France cut out a piece of his lawn and placed it on a table top in the late 15th century. The game was further refined and popularized by Louis XIV. The new tables were made using a green felt to represent grass. The game became so popular that by 1727 it was played in almost every cafe in Paris.

Mary, Queen of Scots loved the game so much that she had a billiards table in her prison cell while she awaited execution and her body was later covered with the tableís cloth.

Originally, croquet mallets were used to push the balls, made from wood or clay, across the table. In the late 1700s a pool cue was developed to make the game more challenging. Later, the cushions with holes cut into them were introduced in order to score, keep and track points.

In the United States, billiard became very popular between 1878 and 1956.